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November 30, 2022

Are Pitbulls Legal in Arvada Co

It is ignorant and misinformed people like you who continue to support this unfounded justification that pit bulls should be banned solely on the basis of race-specific legislation. I saved my pit bull ten years ago and I can say unconditionally that he is the cutest, kindest, shyest and most loving dog I have ever owned. He rubbed shoulders with infants (supervised, of course), young children, the elderly, and anyone else you can imagine, without any instances of aggression or hostility. Does it have the potential to be aggressive? Sure. Do the lab that lives next to me, the Lhasa Apso and the Great Dane living on my street, or one of the hundreds of other dogs that live near me, have the potential to be aggressive? Absolute. Unless you`re a squirrel, my dog won`t even bother to give you the time of day, that`s how docile he is. Instead of applying breed-specific laws, how about focusing instead on educating the public and community members on how to care for an animal responsibly and severely punish those who own these breeds for the purpose of fighting with dogs or other illegal activities? Individuals who unfortunately engage in these illegal activities and possess pit bulls, rottweilers and other “vicious” breeds will only switch to a breed that is not currently banned. How many breeds of dogs will we eventually have to ban before the problem is solved? Instead of hating pit bulls, focus on their irresponsible and sometimes despicable owners. Those convicted of animal cruelty should be in prison for a long time. Michael Vick should still be in prison. I`m appalled by your ignorance, obviously you`ve never encountered a pit bull in your life, otherwise you wouldn`t say these things. No dog is a dangerous dog, some people have let some pit bulls fight.

It is not in the blood of dogs to fight other dogs. If you look at a list of the most dangerous dogs, pit bulls are not number one. The most dangerous numbers one and two are German Shepherds and Yellow Laboratories. It`s unfair that people who have pit bulls can`t live in certain cities. I have a one-year-old pit bull who is a huge couch and a lover. I find a job in Denver and yet I have to look for places outside of Denver to live. I don`t have a pit bull because of status, illegal dog fights or to keep a drug supply. I have a pit bull because it`s a good dog that loves me. I`m really sorry you were misinformed about pit bulls, but before you post something like this again, try hitting a pit bull. The incident occurred around 6:30 p.m. Monday in the 6600 block of Jay Street, said Susan Medina, spokeswoman for the Arvada Police Department. According to Susan Medina, there are no specific prohibitions for a breed of dog in Arvada.

“They couldn`t drop my dog off, so they hit him with a hammer,” said Paul Willis, Benny`s owner. “I`m not accusing them of protecting their property, and I`m not denying the guilt, but I think the measures were extreme,” Willis said. IF NOT, CAN I INTRODUCE YOU TO 2 MY LITTLE GIRL, MO-NAE`? Benny`s owner, a two-year-old “American Staffordshire Mix,” said the dog walked out of his home through the garage door, which was left open by a roommate who thought Benny was in the yard. A police investigation into the incident is ongoing. “As soon as I got home from the vet, Rick told me to get rid of Benny,” Willis said. A man trying to stop a dog attack in Arvada hit the pit bull with a hammer and the dog had to be euthanized, police said. THAT`S RIGHT, I REALLY DON`T THINK PEOPLE SHOULD PUT BLEACH ON AN ANIMAL, IT`S THE IGNORANT OWNERS. I THINK THE STUPID PEOPLE WHO FIGHT AND TRAIN YOU SHOULD BAN YOU. I APOLOGIZE IF I DANCE OFFLINE.

“I was troubled by this information. Any owner of young children or anyone should be really shocked and horrified by this counselor. I read today that City Councilwoman Carla Madison is working on a change in the law that would allow pit bull dogs in Denver. The dog`s owner said he wasn`t accusing his neighbor of protecting his property, but he thought the action was extreme. Willis claims that Benny was very good to people and was never malicious to anyone. The dog rushed across the street to a neighbor`s garage, where he attacked an English pointer named Orville, Medina said. SHE`S MY BEST FRIEND. I HAD HER SENCE THAT SHE WAS 8 WEEKS OLD, SHE IS ONE YEAR OLD.

SHE IS NOT MEAN AT ALL. SHE IS EXCITED ABOUT OTHER DOGS BUT SHE LOVES 2 GAMES. SHE ALWAYS STAYS WITH ME. SHE`S STILL A PUPPY, SO SHE MAKES MISTAKES. BUT DO NOT PUT A CHILD OR OTHER DOG IN A HARMLESS WAY. IF YOU CAN BE NEGLIGENT TOWARDS ME OR MY “DOG”, I RESPECT THAT. WHO AM I ANYWAY. Willis took his neighbor`s dog to the vet, where he was treated for a small cut. “My heart sank, it was always my worst fear because he had mentioned in the past to hurt the dog.” “He sees his son trying to end the fight between the two dogs,” Medina said. “He tries to stop the attack and uses the hammer to hit the Staffordshire mixture.” The young man called his father Rick Utecht for help. Utecht came out of the house with a hammer, which he used against Benny.

Willis said the conflict between the two dogs began in May when he took Benny on a leash to his neighbors and the dogs got into a small fight, Willis said. Orville`s owner, a 20-year-old man, tried to stop dog fighting and was bitten by Orville several times, Medina said. An animal control officer who was called to the scene of the crime euthanized the pit bull there, Medina said. Kieran Nicholson: 303-954-1822 or knicholson@denverpost.com. Tensions between neighbors increased after the incident, Willis said. Ultimately, the responsibility for pit bulls and other potentially dangerous breeds lies directly with the owner. Obedience classes, training sessions and countless other forms of literature are available to the owner to educate him to properly raise a healthy and non-aggressive pet. This advice and support has proven effective, provided the owner wants to promote a healthy environment for his pit bull. Banning pit bulls and other breeds is an ineffective and inhumane approach to correcting a societal problem. Instead, awareness and education programs should be developed for current and future pit bull owners who focus on constructive methods to avoid aggression with simple solutions such as socialization and play time. Pit bulls can be the most docile of all animals if they have the opportunity and the environment.

While the stigma of pit bulls may never be completely eradicated, it is imperative that community members understand that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners.