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Author of Legal Novels

The story revolves around a little boy named Mark Sway who witnesses the suicide of a prominent lawyer. When it becomes clear that the lawyer was involved in shady transactions, Mark finds himself in the middle of a dangerous legal dispute. Suddenly, he`s way beyond his head, and it`s up to a stubborn lawyer named Reggie Love to save him. Turow`s mastery of forensic drama is fully demonstrated in this novel, and he skillfully interweaves several stories to create a compelling and exciting story. In addition, the characters are richly drawn and fully believable, making Innocent one of the best right-wing thrillers of all time. Gabriel Soto is a social recluse accused of the murder of The Free-spirited Melina Mora. At the center of the media spotlight is Sandy Grunwald, an ambitious young prosecutor whose political fate depends on using limited evidence to secure a conviction. But the criminal justice system is complicated, and everyone has a story, especially the jury. With striking originality and expert storytelling, the actors of the ensemble come to life on the page, and when their stories are revealed, it is their own experiences, prejudices and beliefs – not the facts of the case – that ultimately shape the verdict. You`ve never read a right-wing thriller like this before. There has never been a thriller writer like Robin Peguero. And you won`t be able to predict how it will all end. The Firm is an exciting read that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

With 47 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, The Firm became the best-selling novel of 1991. If you are looking for a legal thriller that will entertain you, then this book is for you. After developing a passion for legal and legal thrillers, I decided it was time to make a list of the best legal thrillers that aren`t John Grisham. Scott Turow is the author of the legal thriller Presumed Innocent and nine other bestsellers, including the most recent Testimony. His non-fiction books include Ultimate Punishment, a reflection on the death penalty. He continues to practice law and is a partner in the Chicago office of the international law firm SNR Denton. His books have been translated into more than 25 languages and sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. The story follows Thaddeus Murfee, a trial lawyer. In this book, Thaddeus returns home to Orbit, Illinois, to represent his mentor and best friend of a very serious legal problem. Ellsworth does a great job of creating suspense and leaving readers puzzled until the end. If you`re looking for a legal thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, The Trial Lawyer is definitely worth reading. When it comes to legal thrillers, there are few writers who can match Robert Dugoni`s skill.

His novel My Sister`s Grave is one of the best examples of his work in this genre. The story follows protagonist Tracy Crosswhite, who investigates the cold case of her sister`s murder. Along the way, Tracy faces unscrupulous lawyers, corrupt police officers, and a legal system that seems determined to prevent her from finding the truth. Looking for more of the best legal thrillers in literature? Check out this guide for authors like John Grisham. One for your readers, Monster is another race-focused legal novel with powerful writing. He is a 16-year-old man accused of serving as a guard during a murder in Harlem. The king of legal thrillers, who captivated readers in the 1990s, returns to one of his classics with a sequel to A Time to Kill and lawyer Jake Brigance. Susan R. Sloan`s Guilt by Association is a provocative legal thriller that remains just as exciting and captivating more than 20 years after its first release. This is the amazing story of Karen, a woman struggling to recover after a vicious rape traumatized her.

It`s her story of how she overcame her trauma, rebuilt her life, and ultimately confronted the man who tried to take everything away from her. Why compile a list of the best legal thriller books? A legal thriller is a type of crime novel that usually revolves around a lawyer or other lawyer involved in a criminal case. Many of the best legal thrillers are based on real events and give readers insight into the law and the judicial system. While some legal thrillers are rather light and funny, others are dark and exciting, dealing with serious topics such as murder and corruption. Whatever your tastes, there will surely be a legal thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. After making a name for himself with his Harry Bosch trials, Master Michael Connelly has produced the most captivating and original right-wing thrillers of the 21st century. The story follows Dani Trumball, a criminal defense attorney who decides to deal with the case of teenage Molly Singer, who was tried and convicted of murdering her parents. Dani`s interest is sparked by a series of anonymous letters proclaiming Molly`s innocence. The presumption of guilt is a page-turner that leaves you perplexed until the end. If you are looking for a right-wing thriller based on a true story, this book is for you. A mix of political and legal thriller, this story about U.S.

Supreme Court politics seems to be ahead of its time. This reading is less exciting than Jake Brigance`s novels, but the atmosphere and thread of Grisham Spins are exceptional. Another about the sisters, No Further Questions, is based on the general detective novel, but has a legal focus. Perfect for those of you who usually read general detective novels and are in the mood for something new. Scott Turow is one of the most famous authors of legal thrillers, and Innocent is widely regarded as one of his best novels. The story revolves around Rusty Sabich, a prosecutor accused by old right-wing enemy Tommy Molto of murdering his wife. As the process unfolds, Rusty must deal with his own difficult past as he struggles to erase his name. The book has been described by Stephen King as the “unpredictable drama of the courtroom.” A disturbing read if you`re a parent, and an intense thriller, even if you`re not. This novel delves deep into what happens when your child is accused of murder. Definitely one of the best legal fiction books! Max Allan Collins is a master of legal thriller, and Supreme Justice is one of his best works. Collins is known for his ability to keep the reader on the edge of his seat, and this book is no exception. The story follows a secret service agent named Joseph Reeder, who is hailed as a hero after taking a bullet for his commander-in-chief.

However, his frank disapproval of the president makes him a pariah. The Lincoln Lawyer is one of the best legal thriller books of all time. It`s a quick and edgy read that will captivate you from start to finish. Michael Connelly is a master of the legal thriller genre, and this book is one of his best. The story follows defense attorney Mickey Haller, who specializes in representing clients he knows are guilty. John Ellsworth is known for his legal thrillers, and The Trial Lawyer is no exception. Ellsworth graduated in law and began his career in law, only to discover that his true passion was writing, leaving his legal career altogether in 2015. In Your Defense is a non-fiction book, a kind of memoir, somehow no, of a British defender. Sarah Langford guides the reader through various cases she has worked on throughout her career. It gives you a fantastic insight into British defence law and covers heartbreaking cases.

It was the devouring of In Your Defense that led me to look for legal thrillers in the first place. Of course, John Grisham came several times! With complex characters and an inverted plot, Supreme Justice is a right-wing thriller that leaves you perplexed until the end.