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February 5, 2023

Who Can Legally Marry a Couple in Maryland

(c) the marriage of a person under 15 years of age. A person under the age of 15 is not allowed to marry. At some point on the wedding day, you must ask the couple to present their marriage certificate. As a rule, this happens immediately after the ceremony, while everyone is going to the reception. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case, as the marriage certificate can be completed at any time on the wedding day before or after the ceremony. In Maryland, marriage licenses are issued by the county clerk`s office. While it is the couple`s job to reclaim the license, the secretary must have a thorough understanding of the rules for marriage licenses in Maryland and its individual counties. For example, let`s say the couple is considering getting a marriage license in Montgomery County. As a minister, you should check to see if there are any rules for getting married in Montgomery County that the couple may not be aware of. Once the marriage certificate is completed, it must be returned to their issuing office. This is usually the responsibility of the couple, although it is good practice to contact the couple as an official to ensure that the completed marriage certificate has been returned. As this is usually done by mail, this is a simple thing to do and we recommend that you do it as soon as possible after the wedding. In practice, the verification of the validity of the marriage certificate is usually a formality.

Most couples apply for their marriage certificate one or two weeks before the ceremony date, in which case the marriage certificate is valid under state law. Depending on the county, marriage license fees may be reduced if the couple wishing to marry takes a premarital preparation course. The course must meet certain requirements and be completed within one year of the date of application for a marriage certificate. While there is no legal requirement to prove your position as an ordained minister to a Maryland government office, we recommend that you keep personal records of your official ministry certifications. A physical copy of your ordination certificate is useful in case the couple or another person associated with the marriage needs proof of your ordination. Universal Citation: MD Fam L Code § 2-401 (2019) (a) A person may not marry in this state without a license issued by the clerk of the county court in which the marriage is contracted. Maryland also does not allow anyone to marry any close family member, including their own child, parent, sibling, grandparent, stepparent, grandchild, nieces, nephews, aunts or uncles. There are criminal penalties not only for those who enter into such a union, but also for those who celebrate it.

In Maryland, all marriage leaders must be at least 18 years old to legally solemnize the marriage. Basically, you must not only be an ordained minister, but also a legal adult. In general, secretaries are not required to register in Maryland. However, it is not uncommon for a county official to ask for proof of your ordination before giving the “green light” to perform marriage ceremonies. It also gives the couple peace of mind that their marriage minister has all the official documents, such as the ordination certificate, at hand. As requested by county officials, please order your equipment well in advance of the ceremony. Nowadays, many couples choose to do just that, bypassing the tradition of being married by official clergy in order to have a close friend for them. It`s a way to make your ceremony much more intimate, and choosing the right friend can result in a very powerful event. But what are the steps to be able to legally celebrate a wedding without attending a seminar? If the wedding takes place in Maryland, you`re in luck: the requirements and rules for this state are wonderfully lax, making the process easier.

Welcome to the Maryland Marriage Law Guide. Running a wedding is a great honour, but presiding also comes with a lot of responsibility – that`s why we decided to create a site that provides advice to couples and ministers. To make sure everything goes smoothly on D-Day, we recommend following the guide below. It explains how to become a marriage minister, how to marry someone, and how to make sure the ceremony is legal in Maryland. If you haven`t already, you should be ordained online at Universal Life Church. Ordination is free and can be completed in minutes. Thousands of legal marriages are celebrated each year by ULC ministers around the world. Start the process by clicking on the big blue button below! At Universal Life Church, we receive several calls from wedding leaders in Maryland after obtaining their marriage license by ordering online and asking for advice on how to perform a wedding ceremony. Once the legal issues are settled, planning a wedding (although it can be a daunting task) can be a lot of fun. We suggest that new Maryland wedding ministers who are concerned about the ceremony read one of our helpful wedding guides.

The “Ministerial Training” section of our website should provide a useful reminder for more experienced clergy. Becoming a wedding manager with Universal Life Church is easier than you think. Our online ordination process is simple, fast and completely free. Once you have your ministerial licence in hand, a wedding is fast approaching! In fact, legally licensed ULC secretaries preside over countless wedding ceremonies in Maryland each year. Click the button to get started. Now there is only one last step – but it is important! After celebrating the wedding, you will need to sign the marriage certificate (with the couple, of course). Their official title will be “Minister”; For the type of ceremony, write “religious”; For the denomination, you write “non-denominational”. If the permit requires a ministry address, indicate your home or service address. Do not provide the ULC address.

No Minister`s identification number is required. Finally, remember that the signed license must be delivered to the wedding office before the deadline! Although there are no official registration requirements in Maryland, you must be an ordained minister to legally solemnize the marriage. Local Maryland regulations require that marriage officials be ordained under the designation of “minister” by a religious organization such as American Marriage Ministries. While you don`t have to register with a Maryland government office as a marriage official, it`s a good idea to keep personal records of your official ministry references. Proof of your ordination is essential if the couple, government officials, or the place of marriage request proof of your ordination. We recommend that you order your Maryland Minister`s Ordination Package to receive your official identification cards. Your kit contains your official certificate of ordination and your letter of good reputy. His reputable letter is signed, dated and notarized by a church official. Your ministerial ordination package also includes your AMM Ministerial Manual, a valuable resource for information on formal training. A portion of the proceeds of your order will go to our charitable activities.

So not only do you get your AMM service rights, but you also support a good cause. In Maryland, marriage licenses are valid for 180 days. There is a mandatory waiting period of 2 days – this means that the couple must wait at least 2 days after obtaining the license before a ceremony can legally take place. Once the ceremony is over, the signed marriage certificate must be returned before the expiration date.