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February 5, 2023

Wright Gibbons Legal

Dale E. Barney of Gibbons Law Firm provides world-class legal representation. For more information about gibbons, see www.gibbonslaw.com. The company stands out from the competition by staying true to a vision of the middle class. Our business model is focused on high-quality, low-cost legal services, addressing critical issues for mid-market companies (with annual revenues of $100 billion to $2.5 billion) and mid-market business for Fortune 500 companies, particularly in the Mid-Atlantic region and along the East Coast. Based in Newark, in New Jersey, and with seven other thriving offices, Gibbons has a presence suited to exceptional regional coverage. With state-of-the-art video, audio and network technology connecting all of our offices, we are able to close significant transactions and develop litigation strategies for matters involving Gibbons lawyers in multiple law firms and client representatives in multiple locations – as if we were all in the same room. Robert MacPherson of Gibbons makes decisions and recommendations based on accurate legal and factual analysis, demonstrates excellent judgment and always has the client`s best interests in mind. He proves his efficiency in settlement offers and negotiations and always responds quickly to a customer`s request for assistance. Robert MacPherson is an excellent lawyer.

Gibbons has always provided timely and effective legal advice on environmental issues. They strive to understand the technical aspects of the project in order to provide the best legal advice. International Work: Providing comprehensive services to international clients doing business in the United States as well as U.S. clients operating in international markets. Gibbons is also a member of Geneva Group International, a network of independent professional services firms that provide a full range of legal, accounting and other services worldwide. Recognized for the firm`s multidisciplinary litigation strength and contributions to several leading corporate and real estate transactions in the public and private sectors. Labor Law: Representing employers in federal and state courts in disputes involving discrimination, harassment, retaliation, pay and hours of work, employment contract, restrictive agreement, wrongful termination, employee benefits, and ERISA claims. Provide prevention and compliance advice and training focused on discipline and dismissal, harassment, disability leave and accommodation, staff restructuring, restrictive agreements and executive compensation. Conduct workplace surveys and employment practice audits. Address the full range of traditional work issues.

Rob Rudnick of Gibbons has been an excellent resource in working with scientists to obtain the information needed to file and secure patents, as well as to negotiate contracts with software vendors. The goal here was to show that the two Gibbons sisters have a unique sense of a corporate client`s priorities when it comes to settling legal disputes. Lawyers are results-oriented, cost-conscious and not tied to a rigid approach to litigation. One of the particular strengths of the Gibbons team was its ability to meet the strategic needs of our Foundation and to coordinate multiple practice groups to meet those needs. Gibbons has provided excellent advice and guidance on these strategic points of our organization`s growth. Every lawyer I`ve worked with at Gibbons has done a great job in a timely manner. At a time when we were facing huge new and exciting challenges in various areas of law, the firm offered expertise with little attention to large law firms and ensured that all their lawyers were coordinated and situation-aware. My experience with Larry Lustberg of Gibbons was better than expected. He is an excellent and knowledgeable lawyer who cares a lot about his clients. Real Estate: Providing real estate advice and litigation for all types of real estate. Extensive real estate practice for the sale, purchase and development of real estate, including office buildings, industrial and flexible buildings, shopping malls, apartment buildings and hotels. Chris Viceconte at Gibbons is a very knowledgeable and knowledgeable lawyer who implements cost-effective strategies to solve problems.

I highly recommend Chris as a litigator. Gibbons joins more than 180 law firms nationwide enrolled in the one-year process leading to certification in July 2023. Michael Lubben and his team at Gibbons are fantastic! They always make their clients their #1 priority and provide excellent service and desired results. “able to understand, if the matter had been explained to them, only by the enforcement of mortgages. They would change the character of their interest in real estate. so that instead of the last survivor . if they are entitled to the totality, each of them would be entitled to a share of one third . Gibbons and his two sisters-in-law became roommates of land. Subsequently, the sisters prepared documents that converted the joint tenancy into a joint tenancy. The Gibbons lawyers who provided services to us, particularly Susan Nardone, were very knowledgeable and practical in approaching our business. Susan has great expertise and is a confident advocate. We were pleased with the service. Thomas Gordon Gordan Terminal Service Company of N.J., Inc.

Gibbon`s lawyers are knowledgeable and provide cost-effective recommendations and assistance. Their honours then considered whether the lack of legal capacity rendered the contract null and void; They concluded that the lack of legal capacity only made a contract voidable – so if the sisters did not try to avoid the contract during their lifetime, it remained valid and enforceable.